Servsafe Manager

What is the ServSafe Food Safety Manager Course?

The ServSafe Food Safety Manager Course helps the food service industry professionals understand the food safety challenges in the current food industry and help them and provide safe food to the consumers and maintain good public health. The goal is to build trust in people to visit a food service establishment without having to worry about getting sick because of the food served.

ServSafe Food Safety Manager is not limited to cleaning and sanitizing and making the restaurant kitchen look tidy. It focuses on other important aspects like maintaining food temperatures to keep the food-borne illness pathogens at a distance, employee habits & hygiene, safe facility, pest management, handling utensils and more.

Food Safety means protecting food from any types of contamination, be it biological (viruses, bacterias, etc), physical and chemical. ServSafe Food Safety Manager Course and Exam will provide you with the appropriate knowledge to handle your food and restaurant or any food service establishment with confidence.

Who needs the take ServSafe Food Safety Manager Course and Exam?

People who are working or who wish to work in the food and beverage industries would benefit from the ServSafe Food Safety Manager Course.

The ServSafe Manager Course equips culinary and hospitality practitioners with the skills they need to ensure optimum food safety procedures are implemented successfully in the workplace.

This course is aimed to assist students and professionals in discovering new food sources, identifying and creating new methods for processing, storing, preserving, and distributing food. If you want work in restaurant kitchen or a daycare kitchen or any hospital cafeteria or for that matter anywhere food is made and served, the ServSafe Manager certification indeed will give you an upper hand compared to others in competition. And yes, a lot of places require ServSafe Manager Certification as one of the requisites to give promotions.

At Star Food Safety we offer ServSafe Food Safety Manager Online Course, ServSafe Food Safety Manager Classes in Atlanta area and suburbs, ServSafe Exam Proctor availability, ServSafe classes onsite in North-Georgia, South-Georgia, Our location for ServSafe classes is centrally located and has easy access from Atlanta, Alpharetta, Cumming, Sandy-Springs, Dunwoody, Marietta, Gainesville and more.

Difficult to decide whether to go for an ServSafe online course or ServSafe In-person class?

Visit our pages ServSafe Manager Online and ServSafe Atlanta In-person for more information.

Remember, the ServSafe Food Safety Manager Certification is acceptable is all 50 states of USA and the ServSafe Certification is valid for 5 years from the date it was issued.